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Internet Marketing Benefits of Total Impact Marketing Inc.


We are a full service internet marketing firm that has been providing professional SEO, PPC, social media, web design, ecommerce and internet marketing consultant services since 2003.

Needlessly to say we know what we are doing and we choose to provide our internet marketing services at a price that everyone can afford. Our superb results coupled with affordable rates equal the best internet marketing value available anywhere. And to top it all off we are a customer oriented company that believes in providing the best service possible.

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Our internet marketing services are a perfect fit for small to mid-sized companies that know they need internet marketing and can’t afford a full-time employee and don’t want to pay exorbitant fees. We can provide one service, several or we can take care of all your business needs for one very low price so that you can focus on your business - and all of the new customers that you will be getting.

We always keep you in the loop with monthly reports that detail exactly where you started and how things are developing.


We provide companies of various sizes with our internet marketing consulting services. We are able to interact with existing teams in a variety of ways ranging from a part-time role on your marketing team to consulting on everyday issues and assisting in the development of an internet marketing team.

As a consultant to your business you will benefit from a far lower cost than hiring an employee(s) and also benefit from the best internet marketing minds in the business. This is the absolute best ROI you can possibly get in the industry.

We can also train your employees or assist in the recruiting process to ensure that experienced and capable individuals are hired.

Someone off the street does not have the skills needed to bring a business to the top of the competitive heap. We rank at the top within our industry on a national and local level. We have physical proof that we can do what we promise.

Consulting or complete outsourcing of our services is the best way to get proven results at a lower cost than an employee who is likely shaky, and you will never get stranded by employees quitting – we will always have a team member backing you up.

Our internet marketing consulting is safe, low-risk and high-reward and eliminates employee salaries, benefits and other costs as well as the hiring process which in itself is taxing on human and financial resources. This is the best way for you to get the best results and at a lower cost.

our internet marketing expertise is your competitive advantage

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