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We are a Mississauga-based SEO company that will deliver top search engine optimization rankings for your business just as we have for our other valued clients from Mississauga and around the world (Canada, USA, Australia, UK, China).

Mississauga is a competitive market that demands the very best marketing. Our SEO will make your business thrive and at extremely competitive rates that deliver the very best SEO value possible in Mississauga and Canada.


We started our SEO services in 2003 when the industry was in its infancy, and have since developed over a decade of knowledge and perspective that is crucial to developing top Google rankings. Our experience ensures that we know all of the nuances of SEO and how to develop top rankings without getting your website penalized.

Google has SEO standards that need to be adhered to and there are many ways to get into trouble if you are not careful. Our experience and perspective ensures that we will deliver top rankings, your website will flourish and your online business will be safe and sound.

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You have undoubtedly been contacted hundreds of times from "SEO companies" that promise you the world but end up costing you thousands of dollars and leave you in a bigger mess than when you started. We have top Google Canada and Google USA rankings for the very keywords of our industry. For instance we rank #1 in Google Canada for 'professional internet marketing' and 'internet marketing company' outranking all of the 360,000 results in Canada. We also rank #1 in Google USA for 'internet marketing USA' outranking millions.

Our rankings across Canada and the USA prove that we are able to deliver results for extremely competitive industries. So, the next time another "SEO company" calls you, ask them how they rank for their own keywords.


Google actually ‘blacklisted’ BMW’s German website because they were trying to manipulate rankings. If Google can ban BMW they can certainly do it to your company so you need to be wary of so called ‘SEO companies’. This is why experience and the knowledge to do what is needed without tripping any red flags is crucial. You need to be careful and thoroughly research prospective SEO companies with the knowledge that this industry is full of pretenders. Typical SEO knowledge for the lay person is non-existent which makes it easy for anyone to appear like an expert.



We can target Toronto and the GTA in addition to Mississauga which has always been a burning question for companies based in Mississauga that want to take a bigger bite of the GTA. We can also deliver Ontario and national rankings which we have done for countless businesses across North America. Mississauga itself is a large Canadian market but it only comprises one part of the GTA so many Mississauga businesses opt to target both Mississauga and Toronto, although this may only be realistically possible for some industries and categories.

For instance, a real estate business in Mississauga would have a difficult time outranking Toronto based companies whereas a less competitive category such as a hobby store could potentially do well in both municipalities.

We can also develop top national Google rankings for any business. National rankings are particularly preferred by companies that offer a product or service across Canada. We can also develop strong USA rankings if you wish to enter the lucrative American market.

We can also create and manage a pay per click campaign that gets your business some immediate exposure until you rank at the top of Google organically.



We are a full service SEO firm that can provide complete marketing to every aspect of your business and industry.

For instance, we can manage a PPC campaign to gain visibility until your business ranks naturally / organically. Additionally, we can give you well-rounded presence by tapping into social media and by creating a custom website that is SEO friendly and leads visitors to convert into sales and leads.

We will make sure that your website leads visitors to buy something or contact you. Our core competency is developing successful online businesses which includes SEO, social media marketing, PPC and seo friendly web design.

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