One Time SEO Boost

Our One Time SEO Boost (only pay once) optimizes your website (on-page optimization) so that it meets Google’s standards and gives your business the best chance of reaching the top of Google search results.

“Our One Time SEO Boost (only pay once) optimizes your website (on-page optimization) so that it meets Google’s standards and gives your business the best chance of reaching the top of Google search results.”

What is A One Time SEO Boost?

For those that don’t want to commit to a monthly SEO plan and have a new domain and website that needs time to age or a site that was optimized several years ago and hasn’t had any changes made to it since (it could be using SEO tactics that are now outdated and possibly penalized by Google) then you should consider a one time SEO boost.

This boost will give your site the foundation of good SEO.  It will ensure your site is properly targeting the correct keywords, that your content is well optimized and that all your pages have proper meta tags for indexing.  It will also fix any issues with your site that Google may have such as website speed, duplicate content of any kind, crawling and indexing your pages and more. If and when you are ready for monthly SEO your site will easily grow off this good SEO foundation.

What’s Included In An SEO Boost

Initial Scan and Review

We will manually review your site and check it’s speed scores and indexing with Google.  We will check it’s health with Google Search Console and run scans for broken links, duplicate content, duplicate meta tags and more.

This will generate a list of issues that will need to be addressed and fixed to make the site optimal for Google.

Site Structure, Hierarchy & URLS

We will evaluate and make sure you are using the correct site structure and hierarchy, most important for sites with many pages and eCommerce sites.  We will also ensure your URL structure is optimal for SEO and don’t break any rules for spamming.

Keyword Research & On Page Optimization

We will work with you to determine the best keywords your site should target and determine the best pages they can be optimized on.  A page at best can target 2 to 3 keyword variations and should be centred around the topic of the page. The content on the page should also be optimized to mention those keywords and the areas such as Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario or nationally that you serve so that both visitors and Google will know where your products and services are available to.  We will ensure your website adheres to the content rules that Google now requires and remove any old, or possibly harmful content or optimization on your site that could cause penalities.

A Plan To Move Forward

After you site has received it’s One Time SEO Boost we will provide you with a list of suggestions on what to continue such as:

  • How to keep updating your website content
  • What content to add and how much
  • What new pages or topics to consider
  • Whether a blog or article section would be beneficial and what long-tail keywords to consider writing about
  • Whether you should improve your Social Media presence
  • What question platforms you could follow and contribute to (and help build inbound links to your site)
  • How long before you should consider a website upgrade or recode (they have life spans)

What To Expect With A One Time SEO Boost

Will you suddenly have #1 rankings, not totally likely but within 4- 6 weeks after the SEO boost you should see an overall improvement in:

  • Rankings for the keywords targeted in the boost
  • Bump in traffic, specifically to the newly optimized pages
  • Better local results
  • Possible better Google My Business map-based result for keywords targeted in the boost
  • Better indexing in Google
  • Better chance of enhanced listings in Google