Social Media Pricing

Our social media service, costs and results are among the best in Canada, and social media has become far too important to ignore, especially considering the added brand visibility and awareness that it can develop.

“Our social media service, costs and results are among the best in Canada, and social media has become far too important to ignore, especially considering the added brand visibility and awareness that it can develop.”

Our Social Media Marketing Plans & Pricing

Whether you have no presence on social media or you do but simply don’t have time to manage we can help!  We can help to set up and brand each social media platform that is best for you and your business based on who your target audience is but most businesses opt for Facebook & Instagram.   Once set up we can help to post monthly, bi-monthly, weekly or bi-weekly.  We work with you to determine the types of messages you want to send or to get news and updates from you and then craft the messages for each platform and post them when needed. With the right insight tools, we can also determine the best days and times your target audience is online to maximize reach.  In addition, we will take SEO into account and use the opportunity to make sure that a least one additional post is made a month linking back to the site to help with SEO.

We also help with advertising on the various platforms and can help set up the right budget, demographics and create custom graphics for each boosted post or paid advertising.  Boosting and paid advertising on Facebook is easy and flexible where you can control the budget and spend what you want to spend. 

Or if you prefer to post the messages yourself we can meet with you and teach you how to post to the social platforms and what kind of restrictions and things to keep in mind.  




If you have no social media presence or have a new business and don’t know where to start, we can help.  One of the first things to do is to figure out what are the best platforms that have your audience and then to make sure a user name that fits your business is available across all the platforms for a seamless presence.  Then you need to be sure each is set up with the same logo, imagery and branding so there is no question when someone finds you, they know it’s you. One everything is setup we will work with you to determine a posting strategy so you can manage your social media yourself.  What’s included is outlined below:


We can help determine the best platforms for your specific business based on your demographics, products or services and industry.  We can research what your competitors are doing and saying.  We can also look at any brands you carry and what messages and materials we can leverage from them to promote those products you offer to your clients.


We can work with you to set your goals of either increasing following, increasing brand exposure, increasing sales and work towards that goal with measured action.


We will help you determine the best overall strategy based on the research and goals completed.  This includes identifying the best platforms to utilize, the types of messages to post, how often to post, how to use images and graphics (like memes, and we can explain what a meme is if you don’t know).


We will help create the right sized logo and backgrounds for each platform (where possible) so that you have a cohesiveness across each platform which develops familiarity with visitors.  This is an important step to being recognized no matter which platform a visitor finds your business or website from.


FROM $250 PER MONTH  Price will vary depending on the number of platforms and posts monthly


Or if you already have your social media presence but you need someone who can create and post on a regular basis we can do this for you as well.  We can work with you to get the feel of the content you wish to post and then regularly post to the best platforms or the platforms you prefer.  All of this will be measured and reported to you on a monthly basis.

We will also help to boost posts or run advertising campaigns and track their performance and conversions.

We would love to work with you to create a powerful social media marketing strategy for your company that is based on your targeted audience, industry, products and services. We can also set up and customize your accounts for consistent branding across all platforms.

Social media marketing works well with good SEO as they combine to form a rich internet marketing strategy.